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VigRX Plus Clinical Study Results

The FIRST EVER Clinical Study of VigRX Plus® With Real Men Is Now Complete And The Results Are Outstanding! In just 84 days,
study participants saw:

*Individual results may vary

Results shown were from a triple-blind placebo controlled, randomized Clinical Study by Vedic Lifesciences Pvt. LTD.

For the last ten years, we’ve been getting feedback directly from our customers about VigRX Plus.

So we already knew that it was extremely potent.

But we have to admit, even we were a touch surprised when we received the results of our 84-day clinical study, completed by Vedic Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd.

We knew it was good.

But we didn’t know it was THAT good!

If you like, you’re welcome to read the 56-page clinical study report that we received directly from Vedic Lifesciences.

However, we know you’re busy, so we’ve summarized a few of the most notable results from study participants below for your convenience:

It was a triple-blind study, which means nobody involved in evaluating the results (doctors, researchers, etc.) knew whether participants were taking VigRX Plus® or the placebo.

The trial ran for 84 days, with assessment visits taking place on Day 28, Day 56, and Day 84.

The results were assessed using the IIEF – the International Index of Erectile Function. This system of assessment is well respected throughout the international community and has demonstrated consistent treatment responsiveness in studies in the US, Europe, and Asia. It measures:

Result #1: 62.82% INCREASE in ability to maintain erection During penetration

After 84 days of supplementation with VigRX Plus®, guys who participated in the trial saw a 62.82% INCREASE in their ability to keep their erection thick, full, and firm during penetration of their partner.

This was as compared to the placebo group, see the chart.

Result #2: 58.97% INCREASE in ability to penetrate partner

During this study, both the patient AND their sexual partners were questioned using the EDITS scale, and their sexual satisfaction was measured and compared – VigRX Plus® vs. the placebo.

One particularly interesting result…

Female partners of patients taking VigRX Plus® reported a 58.97% INCREASE in their partner’s ability to penetrate them, with dramatic improvements in their overall satisfaction!

Meanwhile, those partners of patients taking the placebo reported a DECREASE in penetration during this same period!

See the chart below:

Result #3: 22.49% INCREASE in quantity of orgasms

Compared to the placebo group, the men taking VigRX Plus reported, over the 84 day test period, a 22.49% increase in the total number of orgasms they had.

Last we checked, more orgasms definitely equated to BETTER overall sexual satisfaction.

Result #4: 47.00% INCREASE in sex drive and desire

One of the reasons VigRX Plus was evaluated to be, potentially, superior to prescription erection medications is because it has been shown to measurably increase desire for sex.

Prescription meds just affect your erections – they don’t impact your sex drive.

Yet sex drive and erection quality are LINKED!

So it stands to reason, given that VigRX Plus has been shown to increase desire for sex by 47% as well as increase erection quality and frequency, it does something that prescription meds simply were not designed to do.

Result #5: 71.43% INCREASE in sexual and intercourse satisfaction

Men who took VigRX Plus for the trial period also reported a 71.43% improvement in their sexual and intercourse satisfaction.

This compared to the only 12% improvement reported by those who took the placebo!

That means guys who took VigRX Plus were almost 6 TIMES more sexually satisfied during the 84-day trial than those who took the placebo!

Result #6: 61.00% INCREASE in overall sexual satisfaction

And finally when all of the results were in, after 84 days the patients taking VigRX Plus reported a 61.00% increase in their overall sexual satisfaction…

… While the placebo group reported a DECREASE in overall satisfaction!

And don’t forget: this was a triple-blind study, which means the doctors, the researchers, and the patients all had NO IDEA whether they’d taken the placebo or VigRX Plus.
This completely eliminates any bias in the results!

As you can see, over the 12 week trial period, VigRX Plus® produced measurable increases in erection quality scores, when compared to the placebo.

Study Participants Answer The Question:

“Would You Continuing Taking VigRX Plus® Or The Placebo? Yes or No?”

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